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A Holistic Solution For Parents Who Want To Help Their Teen Overcome Adversity, Eliminate Stress, And Build Unshakeable Confidence.

ReWired Academy is a new solution to help parents deal with anxiety and depression for teens. The power is in the community. A group of like-minded parents and kids help each other combat Stress, Anxiety & Depression by giving them important life skills to succeed. We use the life experiences of parents and the natural wisdom of young people to heal as a community.

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"“There is an invaluable resource available to connect with your kids and it’s called ReWired Academy! My ability to communicate and connect with my teenage son began transforming into a new relationship with the very first module of ReWired Academy!”"


What’s Inside ReWired Academy


In ReWired Academy you’ll be surrounded by like-minded parents and teens who are facing the same family issues like you.

It’s a safe community that breads resilience through neuroscience principles.

Here’s a small part of what you’ll find inside the ReWired Academy:


  • The ‘First Responder Mentality’ Training - Live by your own rules through the power of personal responsibility. Own the problem, and you can beat it.

  • How “Goop” stops you from voicing your wants and eats away your self-confidence.. And exactly what you can do to STOP it.

  • Thomas Edison's “Failure re-frame”. How to easily crush 1,000 tasks without a mental breakdown.

  • Go with your gut? How to hear your inner cheerleader push you to every goal you’ve wanted to achieve in life.

  • The “Lego Brick Method” to controlling your mental dialogue. (Master this internal dialogue practice and build unshakeable confidence within weeks)

  • Simple steps to go from the victim mentality of “to me” to the empowering “because of me”. This one monumental shift will give you the power to make physical AND mental changes instantly. 

  • Tried and true tricks to fixing your then fix your mind. Attack mental health directly (with mindset trainings) and indirectly (with nutrition + exercise trainings) to transform yourself.

  • How to mold your mindset like silly putty to create unshakeable confidence.

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"It is the best investment I have made in my patients, my clinics, and my personal FAR!"

Alex Spinoso

Here’s What To Do Next

If you want the best for your teen use these mind healing techniques to help and bring your family closer.

Here’s what to do next:

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Our mission is to help High School and college students combat stress, anxiety, and depression through our online coaching and we wanted to make this affordable for families in need.

One Last Thing Before You Go…

If the thought of getting your child back to normal excites you

If you want finally get rid of that helpless feeling

If you want a system that not only helps with anxiety but uplifts their spirits so they thrive in school

If you want to finally create a turning point for your child
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Hope to see you inside,

Matt Tamas

"I cannot thank Matt enough for the direction my life has taken. Everything is still a work in progress and I do mean work. However, for my family and myself, I truly can say that we are in control of our destiny. It is great having control!"


Matt Tamas

Father, Multi-7 Figure Entrepreneur, Author

Hi, I'm Matt Tamas former insecure introvert turned resilient multi-7 figure entrepreneur.

Through tough years of trying to become my best self, I’ve authored 3 books, published a podcast, and am a proud hand selected member of the Arete Syndicate -- a curated group of 50 elite entrepreneurs making an positive impact on the world.

FREE - 3 Proven Exercises to Help Your Teens Overcome Anxiety, Stress and Depression Workbook

What's Inside the Workbook:

- The proven 3-step formula to helping your teen achieve success even in the tough times. HINT: The steps have to do with your senses.

- How to understand what your teen is going through and see subtle cues that may be cries for help.

- Key takeaways any parent should know about their teen if they want to help! Every parent should know these.

- How to help your teen deal with the good (and bad) times of high-school and college.

- Signs and symptoms your teen may be dealing with too much stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most treatment centers and solutions focus on the problem AFTER it’s already happened. It’s similar to how most people think about personal safety. No one considers about their safety till after the fact. Then, once they hit the problem, they go overboard in the other direction. As a result, we’re constantly running uphill struggling...instead of gliding down easily to safety. ReWired Academy lives by a "Proactive Approach" to help combat Stress, Anxiety & Depression. It feels easy because we’re focusing on proactive prevention. We live in a reactive society. This is a way for parents to take a proactive approach to stop the pain before it starts.
Remember how you were after graduating high school/college? The world of possibility was at your fingertips, but equally, you were a fish out of water with no clue about life. There’s a big switch from pleasing teachers, to living as a grown up in the real world - it’s a shock for any emerging adult. I’ve collected the systems, processes and principles to help your kid navigate this complicated world we live in. These systems for decision making in the real world has personally saved me years of anguish by avoiding the wrong opportunities...while going all in on the ones that are now responsible for my success.
If you’re expecting an overnight change in your child, I’m sorry, but nothing will work THAT fast. If you want a supportive, knowledgeable and committed community to keep you up during the most emotionally taxing period in your lives then...the community is perfect for you. RWA is for those who want to take responsibility for their family’s mental and emotional strength. We cannot shield you from “the bad”. But we CAN give you the mental models and tools to overcome negativity and THRIVE in a society where pressure and stress reign supreme.
Though we would love to be...were are NOT the guarantor. You see, we can only control the process. The work to get better? That needs to come from YOU. It needs to come from your teen. It needs to come from everyone who is emotionally charged to get better. 1% a day.
YES! Please do. These days it’s not uncommon for the parent to be 30+ years older than their kid. In there lies a gap. That gap of knowledge is hard to squeeze down if parents are the only ones involved. This is why we LOVE to leverage the natural wisdom of young people to help everyone cope and BEATDOWN the stress that comes with modern schooling.
Mindset. Leadership. Personal Safety. Nutrition. Exercise. These are the five areas of focus when you enter ReWired Academy. Why the depth? Most training for teens focus on one of the five areas. The problem is that these five areas all intersect with one another. Ex. If you’re coping with the stress of an upcoming test, then you may have moments of weakness (Mindset) may decide to eat junk food to feel better (Nutrition)...or you may decide to talk/be with someone who’s actually making it worse (Personal Safety) but you’re just temporarily blind to it. We made sure to cover EVERY single area that may affect you and your teen...because other programs conveniently ignore the complexity of the problem.
Though we would love to say you’ll see a transformation instantly, that’s not something we can guarantee. Overcoming years of pain in a week is not realistic. After working with guys from the Green Beret, you figure out how to get to the root of any problem. Band aids can “fix you” in a week - but they fall off. ReWired Academy is built to remove the problem once and for all.
We don’t issue refunds, but here’s why… If you and/or your child cannot commit to a program that may save you from severe pain, then we probably aren’t a fit. Many times parents are “interested” in making a change for their child. Not committed. We want the committed people. If we want to keep our super community a super community, we need to make sure the people we let in are ready for change.
Once you enter in your information you’ll be directed to a membership site. The membership site is littered with trainings for Mindset, Leadership, Nutrition, Exercise & Personal Safety. You’ll receive an email with your login info to start implementing right away.
Simply click the “Sign up for ReWire Academy NOW” and follow the step by step instructions to working with our system instantly.

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