A Holistic Solution For Parents Who Want To Help Their Teen Overcome Adversity, Eliminate Stress, And Build Unshakeable Confidence.




ReWired Academy.

The programs inside the ReWired Academy training vault will develop a new kind of leader armed with the essential life skills to connect, impact and succeed in this ever changing world.


We focus on the 3 pillars:


Emotional Support

Life Skills

Pillar 1: Environment

There’s a new science known as Epigenetics. The “study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself”.

Which means: your environment affects the way you feel.

Most treatment centers focus on the student. This is not wrong, but people often relapse once they return to their home environment.

As a parent you need to understand the subtle reasons why your child spiraled down in the first place or else there is a higher chance they may relapse.  That’s why we focus on our surroundings.


Pillar 2: Emotional Support

In the classic, “Man’s Search For Meaning”,” Viktor Frankl found patterns in the 3-5% of survivors who lived in the Nazi concentration camps.

He found they overcame impossible circumstance because they had a reason NOT to give up.

The survivors had something to live for, i.e. a vision of a future or something to look forward to. For both parents and teens, it’s common to get looks from friends and colleagues when they hear you’re going through a rough patch. Though some parents are understanding, most would say your teen is “just in a phase”.

We both know that it simply isn’t true. As the problems looms, other parents start to question YOUR parenting skills. Then, if your teen runs into a mental wall and needs help...the onlookers glare at you as if they roared: “TERRIBLE PARENT!!!”

You want to scream back at them but you know your pleas will fall on deaf ears. This is why we focus our energy on the emotional support for you AND your teen.


Pillar 3: Life Skills

Larry Ellison is the multi-million dollar leader of Oracle, one of the most prolific tech companies on earth.

The way he got there was not how you would expect. At first, he went to college to become a doctor. His parents loved this. His girlfriend did too. But after a couple semesters, Larry realized he was living THEIR dreams. Not his.

He left college and found himself working in IT while pursuing his love of rock climbing. He was happy, but that’s when a second turning point came...

Larry’s wife asked for a divorce. She thought of him as a failed doctor. A college dropout who lacked ambition.

"Once again, I was unable to live up to the expectations of others," he said. "But this time, I was not disappointed in myself for failing to be the person they thought I should be. Their dreams and my dreams were different. I would never confuse the two of them again."

It wasn’t much later when he found his passion. Needless to say, Larry THRIVED.

There are moments in time when society’s pressures steer you in the wrong direction. The life skills in the program give you confidence and direction during those confusing times. They are built off experiences in the real world. No theory here



In ReWired Academy you’ll be surrounded by like-minded parents and teens who are facing the same issues as you.  

It’s a safe community and program that breeds resilience through easy to follow principles that's provided in the 5 modules of training. You’ll finally get a holistic solution from habits, nutrition, and exercise to combat the bad influences and negative beliefs in your teens head - as well as your own.

MODULE 1: Mindset Training

The foundation of success is our mindset. Unlock the limitless opportunities of life, for you and your teen, by developing a powerful mind with the ReWired Mindset Training.

MODULE 2: Leadership Training

Leadership skills are vital in handling the challenges of daily life. Learn how leaders find solutions and create opportunities.

MODULE 3: Personal Safety

Feel confident in knowing that you and your teen are prepared for any lurking threats or dangers by learning the strategies and tactics to being stay safe.

MODULE 4: Nutrition

Learn how to nourish your family by providing them with the proper nutrition for a healthy mind and body.


MODULE 5: Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is not only beneficial to the body, but also the mind.  With a proper regimen, you and your teen can start looking and feeling amazing.


Here’s a small part of what you will learn from the ReWired Academy:

- The ‘First Responder Mentality’ Training. Discover how to live by your own rules through the power of personal responsibility. Own it, and you can beat it.

- The “GOOP” Stopping You. How “Goop” stops you from voicing your wants and eats away your self-confidence.. And exactly what you can do to STOP it.

- Thomas Edison's “Failure Re-Frame. A simple switch in your mind to easily dominate the day and life’s normal stressors without anxiety or stress.

- Go with your gut instinct. How to hear and listen to your gut instinct, grasp inner motivator, and push you to success.

- The “Lego Brick Method." The easiest tweak to controlling the good and bad voices in your head. Master this and you and your teen can build unshakeable confidence within weeks.

- From Victim to Victor. Simple steps to go from the victim mentality to an empowering belief. This one monumental shift will give you the power to make physical AND mental changes instantly.

- Fix The Body, Fix The Mind. Tried and true tricks to fixing your body and simultaneously fix your mind. Build strong mental health with mindset training, and indirectly with nutrition + exercise regimens.

- Unshakable Confidence. How to mold your mindset like silly putty to create unshakeable confidence and help you and your teen get what they want out of life.


Normally priced at  $97/month  or  $970/year 











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Bonus #1: Private Facebook Community

An endless resources for inspiration and accountability. Here you will connect with the rest of the ReWired Academy community in real time. This is a community built to share our best insights. You’ll also have the chance to get feedback, ask questions, pitch ideas, and NETWORK. I will be in there mixing it up to give you extra guidance and support. If nothing else, it’ll help make the journey a ton of FUN!

Bonus #2: Live Group Coaching Call

Inside the facebook group we will go live with the whole community to discuss different topics such as, mindset, leadership, personal safety, nutrition, and fitness . On the call we’ll go over any pressing questions along with providing insights from current members who are seeing the changes before their eyes. Each call is designed to help you and your teen transform into unshakeable, confident individuals. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Inside ReWired Academy you will have a supportive community committed to improving your life. Learn about mental techniques and tools to overcome negativity and THRIVE in a society where pressure and stress reign supreme.

Mindset. Leadership. Personal Safety. Nutrition. Exercise. These are the five areas of focus when you enter ReWired Academy. Most training for teens focus on one of the five areas. The problem is that these five areas all intersect with one another. Ex. If you’re coping with the stress of an upcoming test, then you may have moments of weakness (Mindset)...you may decide to eat junk food to feel better (Nutrition)...or you may decide to talk/be with someone who’s actually making it worse (Personal Safety) but you’re just temporarily blind to it. We made sure to cover EVERY single area that may affect you and your teen...because other programs conveniently ignore the complexity of the problem.

Once you enter in your information you’ll be directed to a membership site. The membership site includes all the  trainings for Mindset, Leadership, Nutrition, Exercise & Personal Safety. You’ll receive an email with your login info to start implementing right away.

Still not convinced?
Here what other parents are saying…

"The teen and early adult years are hard. They are much more fulfilling with an experienced mentor to help navigate the obstacles inherent to growth. Matt Tamas is the mentor that every young person needs. His academy is an amazing store of value; it is full of his own real-world experience and the foundation that he built his success upon. His top priority is positively changing the lives of teens and college students all over the world. A student would be well-served investing in this program as it will not only save them years of heartache but give them the tools that they need to excel in every area of their life."

Kale R. Watchous
Vice President Palomino Petroleum, Inc

"While I had already dived into some personal development and was familiar with some of what is taught in Rewired, this has been an awesome program to have everything in one spot! All lessons flowing together. Everyone needs to invest in something like this. Not only has it helped me on my personal journey, It has helped me to be a better in ALL areas of life, such as parenting and being a leader. I now see that I have some serious potential if I just grab on to what is being taught. "

Amy Sessions Ledin
Owner, Lean Bodies Consulting, Curls & Whey Inc., GoFigure App

"I've operated in the unforgiving crucible of combat for most of my adult life. The framework Matt puts forward is as powerful and immediately useful as any model I've ever used. There is one more reason you should read Matt's books and especially take his coaching. I trained Matt myself. I've trained him many of the same skills Green Berets use against violent enemies, along with advanced leadership and inter-personal skills. He is the best around. You’re in great hands."

Scott Mann
Former Green Beret and Author of Game Changers

"The best way that I can describe Rewired Academy from my strength coaching background is comparing it to an athlete who supplements their training with proper nutrition and supplementation to help give them an advantage over other athletes. Rewired Academy is a “Success Enhancing Supplement” that ALL parents should give their students to help unlock their full potential in life..."

Luke Behn
Owner of Muscular Sports Therapy Center & Owner of Marblehead Fitness Center

"As a physician, I work with a lot of patients with stress, anxiety and depression and I see these numbers of patients skyrocketing. I can tell you that taking the approach to these disorders as Matt has done is groundbreaking and will completely change the face of how we treat these mental disorders. Matt has a way of approaching and working through each of these diseases in such a phenomenal way that without a doubt when I use his program with my patients, I KNOW I will get results and improvement every time."

Alex Spinoso

"Matt is the real deal! His coaching has helped me tremendously over the years and his programs have given me the balance, strength and conditioning to perform at my best throughout my career while riding all around the world giving stunt shows and seminars. In addition, his personal development coaching has gotten me through some tough times helping me become who I am today. You won’t find a better high performance leadership coach anywhere!"

Chris “ Teach” McNeil
Champion Freestyle Motorcycle Athlete and Rides Professionally for BMW Motorrad

"Rewired Academy is the edge you are looking to give your student to help them succeed in life. I firmly believe that this community and coaching program is one of the most vital tools we as parents can give our children. I wish I would have had this blueprint back when I was in school. Matt is truly changing the game and impacting our society in a positive way by helping create leaders not only for today’s society but tomorrow’s too."

Ian Walls
Owner Knead Pizza











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